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:grimacing:Am SUPER'BEE

I used t:flushed: be a G:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:D...see more
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Back to sleep i guess
later things
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[blue]Istanbul is now coloured into sky blue[/blue]
Sorry, i mean :smile:ISTAN[blue]BLUE[/blue]:joy:
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:joy: @Sherizo pick one for your warrior:grimacing:
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N:grimacing:thing really
have meaning:pensive:
until y:smile:u give
meaning to it.
Be careful what
meaning y:older_man:u
give to events
happening ar:baby:und
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The right principles which you used as guide lines to your life can make you a dope mad:grimacing: being to others.
G:smile::laughing:D M:sunny:RNING
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The timidity of the omnipotience is the commencement of sagacity:bow::bow::bow:.
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Hilda bassey is a champion🏆🏆🏆🏆
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It has been a l:hushed:ng while n:wink:w i've being l:grimacing::grimacing:king to see & to be in my dreams atm:blush:sphere but now am yet to see the rainbow, galaxy of stars, the m:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:n & sun:sunny:.
What a beautiful view.
:cupid:HAKUNA MATATA:cupid:
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[blue]LUNCH TIME[/blue]
How has been your day @everyone?
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A relaxed mind is not a mind without trouble, it's just the type that doesn't or rather will not entertain fear or worry(ies):pensive:
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And the Lord says yeah, let there be light. Open the sky and let the :sunny: shine.
G:wink::wink:d M:kissing_heart:rning
Happy Sunday
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:sunny:Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey carry me go High! High! High:pensive:
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Guyz any jokes :smirk: or curise :flushed:
For now :smiley:
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Guyz any jokes :smirk: or curise :flushed:
For now :smiley:
Who is next to leave:joy:
  • 73%
  • 18%
  • Mubarak
  • 9%
  • SlimShady
  • 0%
  • Felonx
  • Total votes: 11 · Final results
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Hello everyone, i'm new here
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