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Welcome to May! 🎉. If you need designs like these, send me a dm.
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Which is more secure? Your choice.
  • 25%
  • Linux
  • 25%
  • Mac
  • 50%
  • Windows
  • Total votes: 4 · Final results
Like WTF? I don't get what's wrong. Now I'll have to move my site to spaces or infinity free cause wapka is bull shit sometimes mate. 🤦
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Since I can't post in a group, I'm taking it to the home page. @mashionmario and other skilled wapka devs, is it possible to link an external PHP script I hosted on another server to wapka?
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Sir tynash. Do I have the permission to post my portfolio link?
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Nice update @tynash keep it up
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Hey guys.who love me
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Enjoying in peace and relaxation ✌️
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Please raise up your hands if you've done this before 👀
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One fact about people that wear this kinda hat 😂
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@Tynash, do consider removing comment and post limit as it's very annoying. And I need a change of email
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@horlar, Mary ain't God's wife. The holy spirit told her that Jesus would come to earth as human through her. Jesus was with God right from the beginning, not created as @joung says. @joung, Jesus was not created. Read John 1:1. @horlar, imagine a Spirit or a being superior to man kind descending to earth to preach. Of course you'd freak out. The main purpose Jesus was born as human was to die for.our sins through the cross. A Spirit can't die, so Jesus had to be made human in order to die cause an atonement had to be made for the deed of Adam and Eve. Jesus is God. John 1:1
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Boss @Jaksbee still topping the list. Been a long time since I've been on the "This Week" leaderboard. Kudos boss 👏
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I got my MTN 50GB. What about you?
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I'm sorry for not being online lately, I'm working on a group project. Please accept my sincerest apologies 😓
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Hello all pls pls is there any soft none alcoholic drink that is less than 200 Naira? Pls don't judge 🙏 just tell me pls. It's urgent and not a Joke 🙏💔
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Boss @Tynash, how about a photo slideshow? A user can check out the next profile photo without having to check medias 😅
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Pals, Welcome my boss and connect with him @GospelHack33 🥰
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Programmers have a funny sense of humor 😂
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August is always hustle mode. Expect less of me from 7th, though I'll try as much as possible to be online.

To developers on this space, I suggest you move to Tailwindcss. Saves you the stress of writing long lines of css. And, it makes your site responsive too.

What are you still doing with CSS?
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